GST Billing software with accounting : CashofyBooks

  • Beautiful GST Accounting software

  • Advance features like Mutiple company, multi-currency

  • Integrated Taxfiling : GST, TDS, ITR

  • Manage expenses, inventory, payment and more

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Accounting Software

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Easy Invoicing with Automated Accounting

Not accounting knowledge required. Just add your invoices & the software automatically prepares the ledgers, P&L and Balance Sheet.

  • Expense Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Account payables Mgt.
  • Sales & Purchase Orders
  • Tax preparation
  • 20+ Financial reports

Automatic GST Return Generation

Our software automatically prepares your GST return. You can submit return directly to the government. Not only this, our ITR and TDS returns are also generated from our software

Easy Import from Tally GST

Importing data from your previous systems was never easier Data can be trasfered easily between our systems and other third party systems such as Tally and Busy.

One view GST dashboard for Accountants

Accountants can manage all their clients from one screen.

  • Connect your clients with our mobile app
  • Manage all your client documents in one place

A Complete Accounting Software full of Advanced Features

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What our Customers say?

Cashofy invoicing & accounting system is easy & accurate. I recommend this to all my clients. It’s very easy for me to prepare all tax returns with Cashofy.

CA Sanjeev Bhargava

Bhargava & Assoicates

Cashofy is super simple. It’s much more than an invoicing system. They got me the working capital finance, connected me with an accountant, helped me file GST returns.

Ajay Gupta

Independent Accountant/h5>

Cashofy helped us solve the supply chain finance issue. Our suppliers like it a lot and get paid early for their invoices.

Shikha Bhatia

Manager, CBRE Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”1. Imnportance of GST Software” open=”no” ]

Goods and services tax (GST) proposed by the government recently is a measure step to unite the taxation system in India-“One Nation, One tax”. With our GST billing software, we help you to overcome the complex system of GST, LegalRaasta has introduced Cashofy GST billing software & LegalRaasta GST filing software which will not only help you to simplify your problems but also provide you necessary services.

  • Pragmatic solution for Indian retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturing houses to fathom the complexities of GST tax structure.
  • It speeds up the process and reduces end time hassle.
  • Capable of handling almost every aspect of a firm’s GST accounting and taxation procedures.
  • Offers a couple of GST modules to seamlessly integrate, a business’s billing, invoicing and accounting with the taxation is required to life.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”2. Why Legalraasta GST Software?” open=”no” ]

In comparison to government utility and other software, LegalRaasta GST software is extremely easy to understand and operate. Government utility has countless fields and complex Json upload process. It doesn’t even provide reconciliation . One has to keep looking for instructions to understand about each column.

  • Our GST software does automatic reconciliation almost instantly and notifies mismatches thus saving a lot of your time.
  • We have broken down the complex process of GST return into a series of tabs and windows. Our software also provides tool tips and videos making it a simplified and time saving solution for GST filing.
  • It has an excel-like interface with step by step process which helps you to navigate back and forth easily unlike the tangled and confusing government system.
  • You can directly import from excel or your ERP solution (Tally, SAP, Busy etc). This is not possible via the government utility.
  • LegalRaasta GST software creates a session for a longer period to file return of multiple clients without having to log in multiple times.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”3. Can I Import data from Tally,Busy & other ERP Solutions?” open=”no” ]

Yes, LegalRaasta supports data import from multiple ERP solutions including Tally, Busy, SAP etc. You just have to export the data in the provided excel format and we will import all your suppliers, customers, sales & purchase data.


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