Conso file is consolidated information of the statements that are prepared (regular and correction) for the applicable fiscal year, quarter, and the form type.

  • Deductors need to outfit a quarterly TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)/TCS (Tax Collected at Source) articulation according to the Income Tax Department rules.
  • For any adjustments in the quarterly TDS/TCS articulation, a correction statement can be outfitted by the deductor.
  • The correction statement is set up on the most recent explanation details (accepted) at the TIN (Tax Information Network) central system.
  • Merged TDS/TCS statement is accessible for:
  1. File TDS/TCS statements relating to F.Y. 2005-06 onwards.
  2. TDS/TCS statements are acknowledged at the TIN central system.
  • From F.Y. 2007-08, the console file is accessible on TRACES and the expansion file in the ‘TDS’ format.

Steps to download the conso file

  • Login to TRACES as a Deductor.
  • Submit the downloaded demand for the consolidated file under, ‘request for consolidated file’ in the ‘statements/Payments’ tab.
  • The password secret key for the consolidated file is TAN Request Number in capital letters.
    • On the off chance that a mistake message shows up, then request for downloading the consolidated file again.
  • Fill the following details required:
    1. 15-digit Token Number (previously referred to as Provisional Receipt Number) of the standard explanation
    2. Relevant Quarter
    3. Form number
    4. Relevant Financial Year
  • On successful verification of the above details, a window will show up requesting the verification.
  • Complete the confirmation procedure by giving the details of the challan/transfer voucher and as well as deducted/collected details.
  • For verification, most recent details like considering into account the accepted revision statement(s) (if any), should be given.
  • Combined TDS/TCS proclamation is accessible if the right information is given to the confirmation questions.
  • 5 attempts within a day are given to accurately respond to the confirmation inquiries for the announcement required.
  • On successful verification, a request number is created and the consolidated TDS/TCS proclamation is e-mailed to the user within 24 hours on the e-mail ID given on TAN registration. A consolidated TDS/TCS file can likewise be downloaded
  • On account of countless records, the statement is part of different documents because of the limitation on the email size, and each document is sent by separate e-mails.
  • On the off chance that you get the various split documents for a solitary solicitation, before removing the substance, consolidate all the split records. Records can be converged by utilizing File Merge Utility accessible at the TIN site under the ‘TAN Registration’ alternative in the download area.
  • THE Consolidated TDS/TCS file given is password protected in a compressed structure. The substance of the file can be removed, utilizing a pressure utility as below:
    1. WinRAR version 3.9 or above
    2. WinZip version 9.0 or above

Thus, a consolidated file is significant for filing the correction statement. It is difficult to file the revised return without the consolidated FUV (File Validation Utility). It empowers the exactness yet isn’t accessible in case of filing a physical return.

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